Strengthening the State Democratic Party: In the past year, efforts have been undertaken to bring greater resources to districts which have not had strong democratic votes in the recent past. The state committee is working closely with the Democratic congressional campaign committee to retake specific districts lost during the past election cycle. I have strongly advocated that the state committee pay more attention to the policy perspectives of districts throughout the state that have a more moderate viewpoint.  I’ve also heard how difficult (and dangerous) petitioning and campaigning is in cold rural parts of the state due to early season primaries, and downstate democrats should take this seriously. Our failure to connect beyond core areas was clearly demonstrated by the loss of swing districts upstate and on Long Island.  I think the way Tom Suozzi conducted his campaign is an excellent model by which Democrats can regain strength in areas recently lost and find new strength in areas that are traditionally Republican, by appealing to both moderate and progressive voters.


Local priorities: As a former district manager of community board 8, I am particularly aware that many residents are not satisfied with quality-of-life services provided by city government. Our streets and parks should be cleaner, roads better maintained, traffic violations seriously addressed, and more civility applied to daily life. Some of the larger issues affecting the community are the difficulty of meeting citywide needs within the context of maintaining the type of community that residents want.  Addressing homelessness and the needs of asylum-seekers is a very difficult balancing act. I do not believe the city administration has reached the right equilibrium. The legitimate concerns of residents with respect to citing issues must be fully integrated and fully respected when important decisions are made

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