Johanna Edmondson is a business owner, long-time resident of Riverdale, community leader, and children’s book author. She is the proud mother of an active duty U.S. Air Force Airman and the wife of a U.S. veteran. Johanna was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to NYC when she was seven. Adapting to her new environment and language was not easy, but through resilience and hard work, she was able to thrive here, earning a bachelor’s degree in social work. Johanna is the founder of the only women-only fitness studio in the Bronx: The Female Fight Club NYC. In recognition of the importance of self-care within a supportive community, the club aims to empower women through fitness. Johanna has been extensively involved in both community engagement and political volunteering. In June 2020, Johanna was chosen as NY1’s New Yorker of the Week for her community service. Additionally, she was honored with the New York State Senate 2021 commendation and merchant award, presented by Senator Alessandra Biaggi. These accolades highlight her commitment to making a positive impact in her community. 

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