Strengthening the State Democratic Party:  Overall, my goal as District Leader is to create a more informed, engaged, and cohesive Democratic community for the long term, and for the immediate term, to re-elect President Biden and pass the NY Equal Rights Amendment. Strengthening the Democratic Party begins with ensuring that processes are transparent, and that the electorate is well-informed. Many people are unaware of what a District Leader is, what a Judicial Delegate does, or how someone becomes a judge. My priorities include engaging, energizing, and educating all Democrats within our district, not just during election season and not only those who are reliable voters. 

Another priority for me is to identify and support emerging leaders within our district. This includes providing mentorship, training, and resources to individuals who are passionate about strengthening the Democratic Party and getting involved. Nurturing new talent and encouraging diverse voices is how we will build a stronger Democratic Party. Finally, I am committed to increasing voter registration rates and voter turnout and participation in all elections. This involves comprehensive outreach efforts, including door-to-door canvassing, to ensure that every Democrat feels motivated and informed to participate in every election.

Local Priorities:  While a District Leader’s role is limited in scope to working within the Democratic Party, the position as a community leader provides a platform to highlight issues crucial to our community. The average rent has reached unattainable levels, and many Co-ops in our community are under financial and structural strain due to years of postponed capital improvements, exacerbated by the perpetual costs of the five-year FISP cycle. Mitchell-Lama housing developments in our district are also experiencing extreme financial crises. Our middle school is overcrowded, and with more elementary schools being added, there will be no place for our District 10 middle schoolers to go. There is quality of life issues as well, ranging from the proliferation of unregulated mopeds to late-night partying on Jerome Avenue and in local parks.


The biggest issue facing our community is low voter registration rates and abysmal voter turnout. Less than 20% of registered Democrats turn out regularly to vote. Since being elected, I have worked to create meaningful relationships with community members from all over our district, which has led to the formation of the Unity Democratic Club. The Unity Democratic Club is a vibrant club with an active and diverse membership that has worked tirelessly to engage voters throughout our district, often partnering with other local organizations. I have also worked to elect Democrats in battleground districts, including the Hudson Valley and Long Island, and will continue to do so. If re-elected, I will use my position as District Leader to continue to advocate on the issues I named above, and I will continue to work to engage, educate, and energize the electorate while also fighting for the NY Equal Rights Amendment and another Biden presidency. No matter what happens in this June Primary, we all must come together in July and focus on bringing home a Biden/Harris win in November!

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