Strengthening the State Democratic Party: If you look at how we performed in 2022, with deep frustration we had misses in the House that cost Democrats the congressional majority needed for President Biden to continue to get so many more priorities-voting rights, abortion access, funding for the war in Ukraine-completed in a timely manner and without the chaos of a Republican house. So how do we in New York fix that? I think for me the answer isn’t a policy question but an organizing question. So many of us, by the time November comes, want to get Democrats of any stripe elected and purity tests go out the window by and large, but we don’t really have guidance from our party.

I would like to see our party embrace digital organizing and strategic alignment more effectively. For any of you reading this who volunteered for Joe Biden in 2020 from home, or earlier that year with Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, those candidates had Slack channels where grassroots volunteers could coordinate on messaging, goals for the day, and generally just build energy together for organizing and have a reason to come on besides the incredibly high stakes of the contest.

When I volunteered in New York, whether for Pat Ryan in 2022 or for the Dutchess County DA in 2023, among many others, I’ve been guided by both gut reads of polls and by word of mouth from people in the know as to which races my door knocking might swing. This shouldn’t be how a major party operates-we should be allowing the grassroots to be in the conversation and helping to mobilize swing districts in an organized fashion, where party and campaign organizers have a direct line to voters whether on Slack or a similar platform, and as a technology knowledgeable leader, I look forward to making this push and leading this charge.

Local Priorities:  I have a number of priorities, but to me the first and foremost facing our community is the threat of a second Trump presidency. I fought relentlessly in 2018 to get Alessandra Biaggi elected to ensure we had abortion rights codified in New York, which did happen, but all bets are off for this and so many other issues with a Trump presidency and potentially expanded Supreme Court. We’ve seen the way the Trump presidency and its aftermath have attacked abortion rights, safety from gun violence, voting rights, and union involvement among other chaos that was wrought, and it is my core responsibility to ensure we organize effectively to do what we can and then some to stop a second Trump term. 

Beyond that, this position is also an advocacy role, to put forward and support resolutions in the State Committee from a policy perspective that support the New York Health Act, parole reform (namely getting our party to embrace fair and timely parole and elder parole), and environmental protections. I would also add that I have concern for ensuring housing is available and affordable and reducing crime and gun violence and would be eager to embrace creative efforts on those and any other issues that come before me as well. I aim to not only advocate for these issues in the State Committee, but if elected will lead other community members in holding our legislative elected officials accountable on these priorities.

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