2023 Bills Enacted into Law in NY State

Thanks to the League of Women Voters, we present a list of the bills signed into law this year.

Bill (Senate ID# Sponsor/Assembly ID#/Sponsor)

Mandatory Training Curriculum for Poll Workers (S587 Comrie/A268 Walker)–Relates to mandatory training curriculum for poll workers; requires the state board of elections to develop and provide to each county materials for a model poll worker training program which the counties may use to train individuals to serve as poll workers in state and county elections.

Plain Language Ballot Initiative (S1381 Comrie/A1722 Zinerman)–Requires proposed amendment to the constitution or other question provided by law to be submitted to a statewide vote be submitted to the people for their approval in plain language. 

10-day Voter Registration Implementation (S5984A Kavanaugh/A6132A Carroll)–This bill would allow for the effective implementation of the 10-day voter registration bill that was passed last session. It would allow voters to complete a conditional voter registration application and cast an affidavit ballot.

Reproductive Telehealth (S1066A Mayer/A1709 Reyes)–Provides certain legal protections for reproductive health service providers who provide legally protected health activities including protection from extradition, arrest and legal proceedings in other states relating to such services; restricts the use of evidence relating to the involvement of a party in providing legally protected health activity to persons located out-of-state. 

Birds and Bees Protection Act (S01856 Hoylman-Sigal/A03226 Glick)–Enacts the birds and bees protection act; prohibits the sale of certain pesticides (neonics) or use of seeds coated with such pesticides; requires the department of environmental conservation to review the latest scientific information concerning certain pesticide active ingredients.

Clean Slate (S211A Myrie/ A1029A Cruz)–Provides for automatic sealing of certain convictions after a certain passage of time from either imposition of sentence, release from parole or probation, and if the defendant does not have a current charge pending; excludes certain offenses; permits access by certain persons.

School Based Health Centers (S2339 Rivera/A6029 Paulin)–Provides that services provided by school-based health centers shall not be provided to medical assistance recipients through managed care programs.

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