NWBI Holds Environmental Teach-In

If you missed our Environmental Teach-In, here is a recap of what we learned, with links on how to get involved.

Session 1: What is New York’s Climate Law? (Nan Faesller and Amanda Sachs, NY Renews)

The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (the “CLCPA”) is New York State’s landmark climate law. The Climate Law has the nation’s strongest greenhouse gas emissions reduction requirements including: • 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emission across polluting sectors of the state economy by 2050 • 100% zero-emission electricity by 2040 • 70% renewable energy by 2030 Importantly, the Climate Law is also a climate justice law, requiring at least 35% of clean energy funding benefits to be spent in “disadvantaged communities,” the communities hit first and worst by the climate crisis.

Unfortunately, our politicians have failed to fund the programs necessary to reach the environmental targets in the law. The recently passed New York State budget had a few bright spots, but from an environmental perspective, was a disappointment. We need to escalate the pressure.

Please consider taking the following actions:   

  1. Climate Can’t Wait Rally in Albany: Friday, April 22nd

Advocate for funding programs that will move us toward significantl reductions in greenhouse gas emission. Transportation will be provided from a number of locations. Register by hitting the blue hyper-link below.

Sign Up for Climate Can’t Wait

  •  Participate in the public comment period on implementation of CLCPA by using a one click-tool developed by NY Renews or by attending an in-person hearing in Brooklyn on May 3 or virtual hearings on May 7 or May 11. Information the public hearings and on submitting a comment can be found here.

Session 2: Citizen Enforcement of NYC Commercial Idling Laws (Dietmar Detering)

The Bronx, the borough with the worst air quality, has by far the least amount of enforcement of the Commercial Idling Law. Since the law went into effect in 2018,  approximately 4000 idling summonses were issued in Manhattan, and only about 150 in the Bronx. Dietmar Detering shared his experience as a citizen enforcer of the NYC Commercial Vehicle Idling Law. Attached is a link to the NY Times article about citizen enforcement of the Idling Law: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/03/19/nyregion/clean-air-idle-car.html?. searchResultPosition=1


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