All Bronx Town Hall: NY Health Act

All Bronx Virtual Town Hall on the New York Health Act Sunday, April 11 5  p.m.

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Coordinated by the Northwest Bronx Community Clergy Coalition and sponsored by 18 Bronx-wide organizations, the Town Hall features Gustavo Rivera  Chair of the NY State Health Committee and Richard Gottfried Chair of the New York State Assembly Health Committee who will explain how the New York Health Act will enable the 22% of Bronx residents who have no health insurance and the 50% of Bronx residents on Medicaid to access the healthcare they so desperately need

New York Health (A6058,S5474)  covers ALL medically necessary care, including medical, prescription, vision, dental, hearing, long-term care and support services, mental health, substance abuse treatment; and reproductive care. One comprehensive plan, freedom of provider choice, no more networks—no more copays—offering more than any existing insurance, including Medicare.

Why is this zoom different from other programs about the NY Health Act which you may have seen?  Sponsored by 18 Bronx-wide organizations and with 6 speakers from the local community, the zoom will answer any questions you might have about this ground breaking legislation—and how it will guarantee universal comprehensive healthcare to all the residents of our borough, including those with who currently have inadequate insurance.

The epicenter of the Covid Crisis in the spring, the Bronx is also the epicenter of the financial crisis this fall and winter. For ten years running, the Bronx has been 62 out of 62 New York counties in terms of healthcare outcomes.—and this chronic condition has  contributed to the disproportionate effects of COVID in the Bronx.

For the first time in history, a majority of both the state Assembly and the Senate are now cosponsors of the New York Health Act.  And with a super-majority in both houses of the legislature, the bill can survive a veto by the governor.

Sponsoring organizations are:

  • Bronx Health REACH
  • Trinity Family Health Center,
  •  Mothers on the Move, 
  •  Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center,
  •  New York State Nurses Association, 
  • Campaign for New York Health
  • Commission on the Public’s Health System (CPHS)
  • Cooperative Home Care Associates
  • New York State Nurses Association
  • 1199 – SEIU
  • Banana Kelly,
  • The Point CDC
  • Concerned Citizens for Change
  • Nos Quedamos,
  • The Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative, 
  • Northwest Bronx Indivisible
  • Chinese-American Planning Council
  • Caring Majority

Speakers from the following organizations

  • Bronx Health REACH
  • Campaign for New York Health Act
  • Chinese-American Planning Council
  • ·Commission on the Public’s Health System (CPHS)
  • Cooperative Home Care Associates
  • New York State Nurses Association

New York Assembly and Senate Representatives from all Bronx districts have been invited to attend and to voice their support for this legislation. 

See this article in The Guardian about how one New Yorker is experiencing the long-term after-effects of COVID and the difficulties of negotiating the current healthcare system—where insurance companies determine how—and when—you get treatment.

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