Countdown to Election Day: What can we do?

We hope you are as energized as we were watching the Democratic National Convention. Let’s put that energy to work. As Uncle Joe says, we haven’t got a minute to lose. Below, you will find a multitude of volunteer opportunities. At least one should suit your schedule and temperament.

Phone banking

There are phone banking opportunities at the Presidential level as well as for Senate races and State Level races in Pennsylvania and North Carolina which involve races with the potential to flip the chamber from Red to Blue. This is an especially big deal this year because these legislatures will be redrawing the election districts for the next 10 years.

There are lots of ways to phone bank for Biden/Harris. For the most exhaustive list of options sign up at  

If you would prefer not to phone bank for a specific candidate this list also includes phone banks to encourage college students to register and to recruit local volunteers to help turn out the vote.

Think National Act BronxBiden/HarrisSundays
Sign Up
Think National Act BronxBiden/HarrisSundays
Sign Up
Swing Left and Broadway DemsKim Hardy, NC HD43Sundays
Sign Up
The NC Statehouse is flippable and Kim Hardy is running to flip the competitive HD43
Swing Left and Broadway DemsKirk DeViere, NC SD19Sundays
Sign UpThe NC Statehouse is flippable and Kirk DeViere is running to hold the competitive SD19
Bend the Arc and NYCD16Biden/HarrisMondays
Sign UpTraining Available. Contact for more information
Field Team 6Voter RegistrationMondays
Sign UpCall College Students in Georgia to register to vote
Bend the Arc and NYCD16 IndivisibleMax RoseTuesdays 6:00-8:00Join Training Zoom

Register for the Phone Bank

Join the Phone Bank
NY-11 Congressman (SI & Brooklyn) fighting to hold the seat he won in 2018 in a reddish district. Contact for more information
Field Team 6Voter RegistrationTuesdays 5:30-7:00Sign UpCall College Students in North Carolina to register
Sign UpBilingual (Spanish-English) to Florida
West Side DemocratsBiden/HarrisTuesdays
Sign Up
Field Team 6Voter RegistrationWednesdays
Sign UpCall College Students in Michigan to register
Julie Slomski, PA SD49Wednesdays
Sign UpThe PA Statehouse is flippable and Julie Slomski is running to flip a seat in the competitive SD49
Reclaim Our VoteFight Voter Suppression in North CarolinaWednesdays
Sign UpNon-partisan phone bank. Building a community of Voter Volunteers with the NAACP
NYCD16 IndivisibleLindsay Drew, PA HD106Wednesdays
Sign UpCandidate in PA HD106 to flip the district Blue
Bend the Arc and NYCD16 IndivisibleSarah Gideon, Maine SenateThursdays
Join the ZoomOust Susan Collins
Contact for more info.
NW Bronx Indivisible and Think National Act BronxSarah Gideon, Maine SenateThursdays
Sign UpContact for more info.
Ben Franklin Democratic ClubBiden/HarrisThursdays
Sign UpContact for more info.
3 Parks Independent DemocratsBiden/HarrisThursdays
Sign Up
Upper West Side SeniorsRecruit Seniors in PA to VolunteerFridays
Sign UpCall PA seniors (60+) to find and recruit GOTV Volunteers.
NY for Biden/HarrisRecruit PA VolunteersSaturdays
Sign UpCall to recruit volunteers in PA to help GOTV
Powered by PeopleVariousVariousSign UpRSVP to an event and the organization will contact you.

Powered by People was started by Beto O’Rourke to flip Texas
IndivisibleVariousVariousSign UpThe Payback Project contacts progressive voters in States with Republican Senators to activate them when their Senators vote the wrong way.
Changing the ConversationsVariousVariousSign UpTraining required. In depth conversations with voters in PA.


Text Banks are new and effective way to reach voters. You do not need to use your own phone number so there is no risk of privacy violations. Each text bank has a slightly different process and may require some brief initial training. They all provide standardized scripts that you can follow.

Indivisible – Sign up at

Powered by People is an organization that was started by Beto O’Rourke to flip Texas.  To join their texting team sign up for a training at 

To join the Biden texting team sign up for training at

If there are questions about training call Helen Krim 347-275-5472.


Changing the Conversation Together Access and select Get Active.

For more information contact Carol Foresta at  917-533-3902.

Writing Letters

Go to and follow instructions to sign up to download Get Out The Vote letters and addresses.

Contact Stephen Real  917-531-5083 for more information.

To get training you can also signup to attend a virtual letter writing party. They are Sundays from 1pm to 3pm (sign up at ) and Wednesdays from 5:00 to 6:30 (signup ). Each session begins with a few minutes teaching newcomers how to do the letters after which participants socialize while work on their letters.


Reclaim Our Vote sponsors a Post carding Project directed at disenfranchised voters. To get started in North Riverdale, contact Leah Ferster ( In South Riverdale contact Kathryn Solomon  917-509-7024.

Other postcards project aim at new or infrequent voters in swing states to remind them to vote in November Contact Deborah Schiavo ( to sign up. Help voters in swing states!

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