Bowman Declared Winner of CD-16 Democratic Primary

The Associated Press and The New York Times have now declared Jamaal Bowman the winner of the Democratic primary in New York’s 16th Congressional District.  The Steering Committee of Northwest Bronx Indivisible, on behalf of our members and friends, extends its warm congratulations.  We wish him the best in the months of hard work between now and the national election in November.  The struggle for racial and social justice, for adequate healthcare and good schools for our children–the issues central to his campaign–will benefit all of our communities in northwest Bronx and southern Westchester.  We look forward to getting to know him better and he us as we join him in the necessary fight ahead. 

We also wish to honor Congressman Eliot Engel, who has represented the 16th District since 1989.  His dedication to our community, to progressive causes like the Green New Deal, of which he was an original co-sponsor, has earned our gratitude and the respect of his colleagues.  Most recently and notably, they entrusted him, as chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, along with his colleagues Jerrold Nadler of the House Judiciary and Adam Schiff of the House Intelligence, with managing the impeachment proceedings against President Donald J. Trump.  Their confidence in him was well-placed.  We wish for the next stage of his career to be as productive and fulfilling as have been his years as our representative in Congress. 

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