February Meeting Take Away: Trump Violation of Iran Deal Makes America Less Safe.

The February meeting of the Northwest Bronx Indivisible explored current US-Iran relations. Our highly experienced speakers were Medea Benjamin (co-founder of the women-led peace group CODEPINK) and Shifra Sered (Associate Regional Director of J Street, which advocates for policies that advance shared US/Israeli interests).   If you missed the meeting, please check out the video.

 In January we were stunned by the news that Trump had assassinated General Soleimani, leading to fear of all-out war. While tensions cooled, the situation is still unstable.  The biggest factor is the re-imposition of sanctions in violation of the Iran Nuclear deal, crippling the Iranian economy.  This economic collapse is felt most by ordinary citizens who face sky-high prices and shortages of vital products including medical supplies.

Until that point, Iran was in compliance, but now they, too, have violated the deal by undertaking new nuclear programs.  Trump’s actions have handed a political victory to Iran hardliners and anti-American forces.  The deal violation has also made the world less safe for Israel. 

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