Help to Ensure a Fair Impeachment Trial in the Senate

There is only one thing that will get Republican Senators to vote to remove Trump from office: the fear that they will lose their seat if they don’t. There are about a dozen Republican Senators in purple states who may be persuaded to vote for removal — and we can help persuade them by contacting progressive voters in those states.

Indivisible is sponsoring a phone bank to call progressive voters in purple states with Republican Senators, and ask them to call their Senator to vote for Trump’s removal. To get involved in this important project and find out more about it, click here to go to Indivisible’s website.

Once the House of Representatives votes to impeach Trump, the matter will go to the Senate for a trial. Two thirds of the Senate (67 Senators) need to vote to remove the President from office. This means a significant number of Republican Senators will have to vote for removal. Because politicians only listen to their own constituents, making these calls is the best way we can help convince these Senators to do the right thing. Click here to sign up to make calls.

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