The New York Health Act–It’s Just Better

Political Landscape

Indivisible has been in the fight for universal single payer healthcare from the beginning, supporting both The New York Health Act and Medicare for All.  The Act has passed the New York State Assembly four years in a row, and is only one vote short of a majority in the Senate. New York State can lead the nation. 

Politicians depend on contributions from big pharma and insurance companies.  We need to remind them that our votes are necessary too.  There will be phony propaganda from insurance companies and big pharma about huge tax increases and spiraling medical costs.  Insurance companies spend 30% of every dollar they get on administration and profits, not on health care programs. Insurance companies and big pharma spend 1.6 million dollars every day on lobbying against single payer healthcare, six lobbyists per congressman! We are lobbying our representatives and letting them know we are not fooled by the propaganda and not willing to wait any longer for universal medical care.

Currently we have a three-tier system.

Our current system is broken. Medical calamity can happen to anyone in a moment.  Illness begets debt, job loss, insurance loss, and a spiral downward into devastation.  Employer based insurance isn’t working as costs rise and the number of covered people decreases.  The situation in the Bronx is dire.  We are 62nd in healthcare outcomes out of 62 counties in NYS.  Asthma, Diabetes, high blood pressure cases are off the charts. 

The rich

The middle class  – 5% of New Yorkers are uninsured, and 33% are under-insured and not able to take advantage of health care because of high co-pays and deductibles.  

The Poor –  No or sub-standard health care resulting in health outcomes worse than those in Costa Rica and Cuba. In New York, Black women are 3-4 times more likely to diein childbirth than white women. In NYC, that number jumps to 12 times more likely to die

Benefits of the New York Health Act

  • Provides Comprehensive care without regard to income or race.  It covers all Medical, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Opioid treatment, Reproductive services, Long Term Care and Prescriptions. 
  • No Deductibles, no Copays, and no networks allowing all New Yorkers real choice as to doctor.
  • Paid for with a sliding scale income tax with the poorest families paying nothing.  98% of New Yorkers would pay less than they now do for more comprehensive care.

Single payer, universal healthcare.  It’s just better!

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