Virginia: Get Out the Vote

Join us to write letters to Democratic Voters in Virginia to make sure they vote on Nov. 5. If we pick up just one seat in each house (Senate and House of Delegates), Virginia will be Blue! Our event is in Washington Heights at 200 Cabrini Blvd. #87, NYC from 11 to 2. RSVP here.

Virginia is one of few states that holds State Legislature elections in odd-numbered years. The power-balance in Virginia faces a crucial test this year. If the Republicans retain control, they will be able to Gerrymander the state for another decade preserving their minority rule in this Blue-trending state.

While the Democrats made significant gains in 2017, the Republicans still hold one-seat majorities in both houses, because one race ended in an an exact tie and the result was determined by a coin-toss.

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